Brief Historical Summary of the Arpí Pottery

Built in the mid-19th century, the Arpí Ceramic Products Factory was an important center of ceramic production until 1945. The three generations of the Arpí family that worked here always modeled the local artistic and architectural heritage with earth, water, and fire.

The museumization process of the building has been a project designed to preserve the memory of what was the most important ceramic factory in the Vallès historical county and its surroundings, currently being the only house pottery throughout Spain. Its restoration has allowed to recover traditional elements and spaces of the old pottery, where a collection of ceramic works is exhibited.

Many houses in the village followed the aesthetic trend of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, integrating ceramic elements produced in Cal Gerrer on their façades. For this reason, today you can still find vestiges of the Arpí potters’ work in the old town of Sant Cugat.

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